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Real estate refers to the property consisting of land and buildings along with the natural resources available around. The business of real estate introduces buying and renting of the lands, buildings, and houses. Our company, Mero Property has been providing the facilities of real estate in Pokhara in the behalf of the people. We’ve got different Pokhara real estate agents that will help you to acquire the best land and buildings according to your need. We offer your dream house in Pokhara valley along with the various facilities with the luxurious lifestyle. We’re No.1 most dedicated and most reliable real estate company with the specialized real estate agent. We take the whole responsibilities and problems for searching your dream house and offer you the real estate for sale in Pokhara. We provide you the house you demand that is for either residential or commercial purpose.
The cost of land in Pokhara differs from place to place as you from the areas full of facilities to rural. In the area near to the sapkota chowk, Pokhara, you can find the land of Rs. 8-13 lakh per aana. While in the area of Dipang taal, you can get the land of around Rs. 14-16 lakh per aana. The land of around the city area costs Rs.13 lakh to Rs. 20 lakh in Pokhara. Pokhara is the city of tourists in Nepal. You can find many tourists visiting Nepal with their loved ones. The climatic condition of Pokhara is also said to be the most favorable. It is the place favored by most of the people who like to travel. House in Pokhara can be the most beneficial for yourself and the families. We’ve also got different land for sale in Pokhara lakeside. The lakeside is one of the famous places in Pokhara. You can see the views of different mountains that force you to capture the moments. We also have the provision of real estate rent in Pokhara. We provide you the best land and houses for the purpose of living, companies and many more.

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